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Case Study

Empowering a Solar Firm's Expansion into Africa

How ConstructAfrica's Project Pipeline platform drove the Solar Firm's business growth in Africa

April 11, 2024
By Staff Writer
2 min read

A leading company in renewable energy sector primarily focusing on end-to-end projects in Solar Power, the company specializes in harnessing solar energy through photovoltaic technology and provide quality and reliable Solar PV energy turnkey services. 

With presence across 3 countries of the Indian Subcontinent they have recently opened up their office in Savannah, Nairobi Kenya to setup their footprint in African Market.

A typical 1KW solar plant takes 4 panels occupying 90 square feet and gives a production of 1500 units a year. The cost of 1 KW solar plant ranges around US$780 plus the rent for real estate. With generation of 1500 units a year the realization of investment takes around 7 years which is not lucrative.

Problem Statement

Despite the potential for solar rooftop installations, businesses face challenges due to the high initial capital investment and limited returns. Dependence on government schemes and incentives becomes crucial to making investments financially viable. Moreover, businesses seek opportunities to align with environmental sustainability goals by investing in renewable energy projects. However, identifying relevant government schemes, subsidies, and potential clients in specific sectors proves to be a daunting task for companies looking to expand into Africa.


ConstructAfrica’s flagship offering, the 'Project Pipeline platform', proved to be instrumental for the company in overcoming these challenges. The portal provided a centralized platform for discovering government tenders and subsidies in the renewable energy sector, streamlining prospect discovery, information gathering, and understanding the strategic objectives of African governments. By leveraging the portal, the company successfully secured government contracts and initiated several projects in the African market, including the installation of 20MW solar power plants with an additional 60MW in progress.

Key Takeaways

The company utilized the Project Pipeline platform to access vital information and establish key connections, enabling them to secure government contracts and initiate new projects in Africa. This strategic use of the Project Pipeline platform strengthened the company's market presence and drove significant business growth in the region. 

Through the Project Pipeline platform, the company gained access to comprehensive information about various projects, including their scope, requirements, and timelines. This allowed the company to make informed decisions and tailor their proposals to meet the specific needs of each tender.

ConstructAfrica's Project Pipeline platform played a pivotal role in empowering the company with the knowledge, connections, and resources necessary to navigate the complex landscape of renewable energy projects in Africa. By utilizing the portal effectively, the company not only secured lucrative contracts but also fostered sustainable development and environmental progress in the region. ConstructAfrica continues to benefit companies by providing a platform for collaboration, information exchange, and business growth in the African market.

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